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Welcome to the Clash of the Jedi 1v1 Tournament Homepage


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  How the Tournament will work [READ]
Posted by {JOG}Neji @ Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:19 pm
The tournament is going to be double elimination, giving all of you a second chance if your attempts in any round fail. These are completely random match ups, so there is no bias in it. You're expected to confront and fight the person that your match up is against within a reasonable amount of time. If both players fail or simply one of you just isn't playing lately, then the player at fault will be disqualified. If your in the winner bracket this will send you to losers. If your in losers you are disqualified. Plain and simple, don't be a pushover, just get your matches done if your going to sign up for this.

The bracket max is going to be 24 players, so sign up now if you desire to participate. I encourage you to bring anybody you want here as well. We're accepting players of any kind, even if your back after a one year break or something.

1v1 Rules
-Pulling is allowed. If both players agree to ban pulling, it is banned. Single pull only.
-No shooting
-No high camping
-No excessive camping
-No spawn camping
-No choking over 3/4 health away [aka infinite choking them to death]
-No blockwhoring [abusive perfect blocking in order to get kills]
-Play respectfully, no taunting
-Play to 10 then switch, and preferably clinch win

At the start of the tournament everybody is going to be in the winners bracket. If you lose, you are sent to losers and the winner advances to round 2. Don't fret, if you're in losers bracket you have a chance to redeem yourself. It's only your second loss in which you're eliminated.
Everybody in the winners bracket will be sent to losers bracket except for the person who wins the bracket. So the person that wins the finals stays in the pro bracket waiting for the loser bracket to finish so that Grand Finals can happen. The Grand Finals is going to a normal 1v1 with traditional rules.

We would prefer to have someone spectating these 1v1's to make sure everything is fine and that there's no cheating or disrespect going on. It would also help for a spectator to flip a coin to see who gets the team pick. We don't want 2 players arguing over the team that they want. If you both can agree to something, then you don't need to flip a coin.

Now if anybody has any questions, you can pm any of the tournament hosts and we will try to answer you. If not, make a topic.

Thank you for your time and let's let this tournament be a good one. Very Happy

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  Rules and Regulations.
Posted by Ninja @ Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:04 pm
-No pulling
-No Taunting
-No Respawing
-No High-Camping
-No Blockwhoring
-Infinate choking past 3/4 health is banned
-No Glitching
-No Spawn-Sitting
-No Spawn-Camping
-No aliases will banned on the spot
-Any player that has someone play for you, will be banned(including yourself as well).
-No repairing droids at all(unless both players come to an agreement to do so).
-Have Fun!
-The 1v1 must be done in a server that the Hosts provided.
Anyone who is to break these rules, you will be disqualified immediately. No exceptions! If you violate more than 2 rules in a single 1v1, you are disqualified from the tournament. If you violate rules 2 1v1's in a row, you are disqualified. If your caught lying or cheating your disqualified. The 2 players will set a date and time for the 1v1.

Here is some deadline punishments...

3 minutes late - Team pick goes to your opponent
6 minutes late - 2 kills are awarded to your opponent
10 minutes late - Results in loss of match
Anybody interested, sign up here. If you have any questions be sure to let us know. We will come up with a deadline for sign ups.

**Any contestants that have to leave during a 1v1 will be disqualified unless it is agreed upon by both parties to continue it. Otherwise only emergencies are excused.**


Tournament Judges/Hosts

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  Greeting to The Clash of the Jedi Tournament
Posted by Ninja @ Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:01 pm
Hello there to all, Legacy, Neji, and Myself have decided to
make the last tournament on this game. Star Wars BattleFront 2 is
coming to an end and we are trying to make it last. And with this
tournament will do just that. This community needs some motivation to
continue it’s “legacy”. The tournament’s name is “The Clash of the Jedi”.
So with all notice .The tournaments consist of 24 players max. It will be a
1v1 tournament. The Bracket will soon be underway, and we hope you
will encourage others to participate. There will be a winners bracket and a
loser’s bracket. As you assume the losers will be going to losers bracket.
Winners continue to move on and keep the competition going higher and
higher. What you win in this tournament is, Honor, integrity, and respect.
And you can gloat Laughing . If any questions don't be afraid to ask.

We are hoping players from JOG, GOR, vVv, LSJ, and the remaining clans
to participate. So have fun out there and show what you are made of and
capable of. Set your goals, and accomplish them. Only the people who
have the guts to join, the “Clash of the Jedi” will be in this. So don’t be a
pussy and do what is needed lol. Good Luck to all participants

For Rules go to http://clanasj.forumwise.com/clanasj-post-6833.html#6833 .

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